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Hello! My name is Christina, I am the textile designer and botanical dyer behind Walrus Baby Textiles.

As a plant dyer, I find my muse in the vibrant colors and endless possibilities offered by the natural world. My journey into the art of botanical dyeing began as a fascination with the intersection of creativity and sustainability.

Drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of natural dyeing techniques, I embark on a continuous exploration of plant-based color, seeking to unlock the secrets hidden within leaves, roots, and flowers. Each botanical infusion becomes a unique expression of nature's beauty, imbuing my textiles with a sense of authenticity and connection to the earth.

In my studio, I embrace the slow and mindful process of plant dyeing, honoring the rhythm of nature and allowing each piece to evolve organically. With every dip and soak, I celebrate the alchemy of transformation, as vibrant pigments merge with fabric to create harmonious compositions that reflect the essence of the botanical world.


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